About Us
Liberty Learning is a family run Autism Consultancy based in Northamptonshire.
  • We focus on providing support and advice along with innovative solutions (when appropriate) to children, adolescents and adults whose developments have been affected due to special needs, trauma, challenging behaviour and autistic spectrum conditions.

  • We specialise in the provision of resources, advice, training, support and assistance to organisations, individuals and families to enhance the quality of life long learning. 

  • Liberty Learning encourages individuals to use visual structure to communicate preferences and meaningful choices as these are crucial precursors for improving learning and performance.

  • All of our individually tailored developmental programmes are based on our own assessments ensuring a clear pathway, which is a fundamental component of any educational process.

  • L.L.A.C has a range of projects promoting leisure and learning in an inclusive and independent environment

  • We specialise in offering a safe, secure learning environment which contains a variety of animals and farm related responsibilities and topics. The holistic approach we follow will engulf learning opportunities and provide therapeutic experiences whilst delivering a hands-on educational and tactile experience.


If you are interested in any of our services then please contact us via the details on this website.  

Liberty Learning Autism Consultancy

Call us: 07941 363861

Email us: libertylearning@hotmail.co.uk