L.L.A.C Activities

L.L.A.C has a wide variety of activities to guide and assist in all areas of development. ​All of our activities are made and tailored to the individual needs and we have different stages for varying abilities.

We offer a range of levels, sizes and topics of activites to ensure we cater for all needs and learning areas.

The types of activites we have are:

L.L.A.C Flashcards -These are created to promote vocabulary, promote language development and strengthen communication skills. 

L.L.A.C Matching Activities - These are created to help with various skills through repetition 

L.L.A.C Labeling Activities - These are created to help link words and text to pictures and further understanding their knowledge 

L.L.A.C Number Activities  - These are created to help with number recognition and counting skills

L.L.A.C - Puzzles & Scenes -These are created to help develop concentration and problem solving skills without losing sight of the value of 'play'.

L.L.A.C - Construction Activities - These are created to boost problem-solving skills and dexterity with building blocks and construction sets.

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