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Meet the team

All our team follow a holistic positive behaviour approach, which demonstrates a philosophy and practice, that not only deals with challenging behaviour but prevents it by nurturing positive behaviour and structuring the environment. All our team have enhanced DBS, safe guard training and first aid training. 

Caroline Williams 

Head of services and Educational Director  

Likes - Haribo's and dogs 

Dislikes - Cows

Fun fact - Car enthusiast 

Claire Beckley

Farm and Equine Lead co-ordinator 

Likes: Horses and D.I.Y work

Dislikes: Vegetables 

Fun fact: Is trained in animal reiki 

Likes - Haribo's and dogs 

Dislikes - Spiders

un fact - Car enthusiast 

Steph Bull 

Assistant Head of services and finance director 

Likes: Horses and being Organised 

Dislikes: Insects

Fun Fact: Owns a small holding

Stuart Burton

Duty Manager and Director of HR

Likes: Football and Video Games

Dislikes: Spiders 

Fun Fact: Plays Airsoft 

Katie Surridge 

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Likes: Horse riding and adventures 

Dislikes: Being Late

Fun Fact: Does horse back archery 

Toby Langley

Likes: Rugby and being active 

Dislikes: Pineapples

Fun fact: Semi-professional rugby player 

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Oli Broughton-Palmer 

Likes: Dungeons and dragons 

Dislikes: Writing lots

Fun fact: Owns a 3D printer 

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Lee Plant

Likes: Organisation and gaming 
Dislikes: Messy Areas
Fun fact: Has over 2000 hours in ARK

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Cullen Hamilton

Likes: Football and Anime 
Dislikes: Spiders 
Fun fact: Use to check aeroplane parts

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Kendal Mathewson

Likes: Horticulture and martial arts

Dislikes: walnuts

Fun Fact: Grows her own fruit & Veg

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Emma Pamplin

Likes: Equine therapy and farming

Dislikes: Being indoors

Fun fact: Owns her own farm

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Kelsie Sleet

Likes: Farming and arts and crafts

Dislikes: Donner Kebabs 

Fun fact: Owns her own craft business 

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Sam Smith

Likes: Outdoors and Farming 

Dislikes: Sitting still

Fun fact: Trained race horses

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

Ash Pamplin

Likes: Hairdressing and fashion 

Dislikes: Cold weather

Fun fact: Has her own show sheep

Farm and Equine Co-ordinator 

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