LLAC Creative Packs

L.L.A.C has a wide variety of creative packs to guide and assist in all areas of development. ​All of our creative packs are made and tailored to the individual needs and we have different stages for varying abilities.

We offer a range of levels, sizes and topics of creative packs to ensure we cater for all needs and learning areas.

The types of creative packs we have are:

L.L.A.C Texured art work-These are created to help to stimulate senses through different textures.  

L.L.A.C Colour/Paint by Number or Dots- These are created to promote focus, encourage number or colour recognition and counting skills.

L.L.A.C Colour/Paint by Example - These are created to help build confidence and develop hand to eye coordination.

L.L.A.C Add to Scene - These are created to support further understanding and recognition of our surroundings. 

L.L.A.C Materials Work -These are created to help develop artistic creativity and imagination.

L.L.A.C Themed Creative Packs - These are created to support further understanding the world around us and our own environment.

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