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Post 16 Provision

Who is it aimed at

This provision is aimed at young adults ages 16 onwards and is available for one to one or small group use. 

ASDAN Courses

We offer ASDAN accredited courses which are flexible, portfolio-based programmes  across a range of topics and curriculum areas such as animal care, land based management and living independently. 

Topics we cover

Our topics focus on a variety of life skills, bespoke education and employment knowledge as well as animal care. 


All the packages include a bespoke curriculum, a record of achievement, use of development resources, use of animal and facilities alongside 1:1 teaching sessions.

Courses and Qualifications

We can offer a variety of courses including animal care, citizenship, environmental and gardening courses alongside P.S.H.E living independently, employability skills and development. 

Our Facilities

We promote a secure outdoor area encompassing fields, woodlands and stable yard, large indoor barn which contains a library, indoor learning room, and a quite area that can be used for therapy and relaxation.

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