Our Team

Stephanie Burton 

Developmental & Resource Coordinator


                                                 Stephanie joined LLAC in 2016. Her knowledge in the finance and business sector is proving                                                   to be invaluable and Stephanie has personal experience of living amongst and supporting                                                         family members with the everyday highs and lows that comes with Autism.

                                                Stephanie is working in all aspects of LLAC  and is currently shadowing Caroline Williams to                                                    gain further hands on experience and knowledge. Stephanie has recently completed modules                                                  1 and 2 on "working with autism" by The British Psychological Society.

Caroline Williams Ba(Hons)

Educational Consultant 


Caroline has worked in the educational sector for 15 years. From the very start Caroline

has worked with challenging children and adults with various needs and abilities.

At Northampton University Caroline specialised in Autism Spectrum Disorders and this led to her

change from day schools to residential schooling.

Caroline spent six years employed in a Northamptonshire school, working originally as a Specialised

Teacher before taking on the role of Head of Education and also Manager of the Residential Home

that was attached to the school. This enabled further development and created an indepth

knowledge of combined care and education which complimented each other and broadened skills and

experiences. Caroline has also completed her QCF in health and social care Level 4.


Caroline has also undertaken very extensive training programmes ,including the five day TEACCH programme and adopted the role of Safeguarding Co-ordinator after comprehensive training with the NSPCC. Caroline has also completed modules 1, 2 and 3 on "working with autism" by The British Psychological Society.

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