LLAC Worksheets

L.L.A.C has a wide variety of worksheets to guide and assist in all areas of development. ​All of our worksheets are made and tailored to the individual needs and we have different stages for varying abilities.

We offer a range of levels, sizes and topics of worksheets to ensure we cater for all needs and learning areas.

The types of worksheets we have are:

L.L.A.C Dot to Dot-These are created to encourage number recognition and counting skills.

L.L.A.C Wordsearches - These are created to encourage letter recognition and literacy skills.

L.L.A.C Target Areas - These are created to encourage use hands for precise movements.

L.L.A.C Drawing Tasks  - These are created to encourage creativity and promotes hand-eye coordination.

L.L.A.C Writing Tasks -These are created to encourage how to hold pen and form letters when writing

L.L.A.C Question Sheets- These are created to encourage thinking skills, memory and recognition.

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