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Ford Farm Experience

Liberty Learning runs an Equine and Farm Experience, which focusses on animal and farm related topics. This provision is aimed at children and young adults aged 5 years onwards and is used alongside schooling to help increase education, reduce barriers to learning and re-engage students. 

The Post 16 Experience is available for 1:1 or small group use focussing on a variety of life skills, bespoke education and employment knowledge as well as animal care. This provision is aimed at young adults aged 16 onwards. We can offer a variety of courses including animal care, citizenship, environmental and gardening courses alongside PSHE, living independently and employability skills development.

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The Brick Kiln Farm Experience, is available for small group use, focussing on animal and farm related topics and activities. These sessions are aimed at children and young adults, aged 8 to 18 years and are used to help increase social interaction, promote teamwork and outdoor experiences.